Address for Professionals
in Rome

The address service in Rome in the Parioli district dedicated to freelancers.

Business address for professionals in Rome.

The address for professionals service in Rome is aimed at all freelancers who need an address to register at the Professional Register in Rome and to obtain an italian VAT number.

The service is dedicated to lawyers, accountants, architects and other freelancers, to establish domicile at a prestigious address to impress clients, when they do not have their own office or the requirement of residence in Rome.

This service offers:

  • the use of Time for Business’ address to personalise documentation
  • a collecting mail service
  • the possibility to rent a day office or a meeting room


You can establish your presence in Rome without incurring the costs of a rented office.

Time for Business will become the official headquarters of your activity and will take care of receiving correspondence and handling any visits on your behalf.

Even without an office presence, we will always keep you updated.

Domiciliazione legale e postale Roma Parioli

Professional Correspondence Management

You no longer have to worry about receiving and handling correspondence.

We will collect your mail, trading and registered letters, stamp them with the date of arrival, archive them securely and confidentially. We will send you a daily notification by email.

You can request a scan of documents, collect directly or have forwarded to another address.

Service includes

  • Use of our mailing business address
  • Collection and storing of incoming mail
  • Registration and tracking with management software
  • Daily notification of incoming mail
  • Safekeeping in locked cupboard
  • Mail scanning and forwarding service on request

Other AVAILABLE services

Having a professional address in our Business Centre offers several benefits and many services at your disposal. When needed, it is possible to:

  • Book an office or a meeting room for business meetings
  • Make use of secretarial services
  • Activate a local phone number with personalised telephone answering

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We are open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. continuously. Our secretarial staff will receive all ordinary and signature mail, such as registered letters and court documents.

Correspondence can be collected directly from you or from your staff member Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If it is not possible for you to drop by, we can send a courier to your address, at an additional cost.

Yes, of course. The professional domiciliation contract provides for time-based rentals of an office or meeting room at preferential rates.

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